Announcing Build IVR

After almost a year of works we are very happy to say that Build IVR - an intelligent, graphically scriptable IVR system is finally live. With lots of focus recently of automation base on Artificial Intelligence, chat bots and so on, we felt that there is lot to do to get these things to the real world, so they are reachable to everyone, and not only the biggest companies with very large resources.

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Usecase: Phone based Donation service

Some time ago we were approached by a telecom company who needed a specific setup: to build automated answering system for a charity. Users would be given a toll free phone number where they could dial in, and then guided through the automated process, which would allow them to choose amount they would like to donate, and enter their card details to make a payment.

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Payment Authorization by Phone

We are proud to announce PayIVR - an interactive telephony voice system for making and accepting credit card payments. It is fully customizable, multilingual, with possibility to either use prerecorded sound prompt files or make use of TTS. System can handle very high volume of calls, it was successfully tested with more than 500 simultaneous calls per one server.

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